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  • “I like the Shea Million especially the ones with fragrance. It is much softer and easier to apply to the body. It is very rich and hence oily upon application. It is wonderful on dry spots – I have extremely dry spot on one of my fingers and after apply – it seems to be ”

    Charmaine Tan

  • “I have started using the Shea Million especially on my kid’s face as she recently developed kind of a rash on her cheek. Has been healed by medication but then super dry after that. So I started using this Shea Million on her and it seems to be working good! Need to continue to use ”

    Junie Chew

  • “Shea Million does wonders to my skin. Initially, putting it on my face and dry spots on my arms and legs was a bit uncomfortable because it felt oily. But only for a moment. After a while, I got used to it and the wonderful thing about it is that it makes the dry spots ”

    Linda Tan

  • “I will apply lotion and put on socks for a few nights if my heels are dry. For dry heels, usually for lotion need about 4 nights but Shea Million can achieve the same result in 2 nights plus it is chemical free. Good stuff! ”

    Mei Yee

  • “I’ve been using the Shea Million and it’s really good! Worked on the cracked heels like you said and all the dry skin, including cuticles. Have passed some over to my boyfriend for eczema patches and it really helps as well. My scaly legs felt much better after applying. Usually I’ll slather on moisturiser but ”

    Sharon Chen



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